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I've decided to put the old girl to bed for good.

I initially left the site up as an archive, but having this sloppy, hulking shrine to myself in my 20s and 30s has gotten a little creepy. On top of that, all the 90s code and graphics are like looking at your old yearbook: amusing, but still kind of mortifying.

I'm 41 now. The passive-agressive discontent that inspired and fueled Disgruntled Housewife is long gone, and I've finally learned, for the most part, how to shut the fuck up.

Thank you for a very good decade, plus those extra 5 years I dragged my feet.




If you're feelling nostalgic and want to stalk me online until you quickly become bored, I live here, yap about knitting & Cupcake Ranch here, post photos here, obsessively track my WIP & stash here, sell fiber supplies & equipment here and here, and tweet infrequently here.

I'm going to dig out all the old DH merch and clearance it out next week, she said, 3 years ago. That day may yet come. We'll see.


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